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Double Decker Quesadilla Recipe

I <3 quesadillas.  I never really tried them until a year or two ago, and now I am in love.  I love all kinds of quesadillas (except spicy ones).  Especially this one.  I love hearing the kids get excited over what's for dinner, and this is one of those.  (Well, one didn't like the beans, but everyone else did).  The other thing I love about this recipe is that it's so quick and easy!  I doubt it took me any more than 20 minutes to make it, if that (with the chicken already cooked). We had to double this recipe, because…

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Thursday’s Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cake

If you couldn't tell between this recipe and last week's, I am most definitely a chocolate lover.  If it's chocolate, chances are, I'll probably love it.  This recipe happens to be one that I've been making for well over 10 years.  I started baking it when I used to babysit.  We'd be bored over the summer and spend lots of time baking.  When I ran across this recipe, it became a favorite, and I've made it countless times since.  We used to add icing to it, but it tends to be much too sweet (at least for my tastes).  It…

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Thursday’s Recipe: Copycat Starbuck’s Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucino Recipe

So last week I wanted to keep the kids busy, and I was simultaneously in the mood for a Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucino from Starbuck's.  I hate coffee, so this is the only drink I will ever have from Starbuck's, but it is amazing.  And I wanted one.  Like now.  But...we don't really have the extra $5 sitting around, so I decided to whip one up on my own.  I've made them again twice since then and I'm planning on doing it again today--they are just.  So.  Good. If you're addicted to these things like I am, try out this…

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