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2016 Blizzard Recap

It’s funny when people talk about being “snowed in” like we’re all going to stay stuck inside for a week.  It may snow a lot, but you’re still required to shovel your sidewalks within a certain amount of hours, so there’s not really any such thing as being “snowed in,” if you ask me.  If you missed me on social media this weekend, here’s the photo story of the events of the weekend:

Blizzard of 2016 | Making the Most Blog     Blizzard of 2016 | Making the Most Blog     Blizzard of 2016 | Making the Most Blog     Blizzard of 2016 | Making the Most Blog     Blizzard of 2016 | Making the Most Blog     Blizzard of 2016 | Making the Most Blog     Blizzard of 2016 | Making the Most Blog

Believe it or not–it was not a record snowfall, but it was getting pretty close!

On Saturday, we all stayed inside most of the day.  The kids were in and out a couple of times, and Prince Charming took them sledding on a nearby hill.  The blizzard conditions were harsh, though, so all in all no one was outside a whole lot.  I took care of some much needed things inside the house.  We took down the remainder of the Christmas decorations (yes, I know, it’s late), I swept and redecorated (a.k.a. put up all of the regular decor where the Christmas decorations were) our pseudo-dining room, and I cleaned out our medicine cabinet.  I helped Princess Anna and Rapunzel put away some of their laundry.  Prince Charming made homemade ice cream, and the little girls and I made brownies.  And of course, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, washing dishes, emptying the dishwasher–you know, normal stuff.  Eventually I did get to relax: I completed a color on my cross stitch and was able to read all of Animal Farm.

If I do say so, yesterday was somewhat miserable with the shoveling: hard physical labor (and I wasn’t out there nearly as long as Prince Charming!), a cold, and back problems don’t go well together–for myself or my husband.  Finally, we finished all of the shoveling, though, and we had the opportunity to cuddle under some warm fuzzy blankets and relax.  I read most of The Scarlet Letter, took care of the meals, the dishwasher, the dishes, cleaned out another cupboard, and began organizing the craft room, which was looking quite scary.

Today the kids have off school, but it’s not an off day for me.  The problem with working from home is that there’s never an excuse not to go to the office.  So here I am, boring you with the details of my weekend while my kids are upstairs vegging in front of the TV.  #mommyfail

I haven’t forgotten our snow day bucket list though!  Hopefully we will have the opportunity to work on some Valentines this afternoon, color some, and still fit in some snuggle time.

What about you?  How did you spend this snowy weekend?  If you didn’t get snow, what did you do instead?

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