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The Most Beautiful Thing

I saw the most beautiful thing yesterday. It started at a "Celebration of Life" service. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it's another term for a funeral--except I would say that we celebrate the life of the deceased at this kind of service instead of mourning the loss of their presence. The lady who passed away was a friend of ours, the Sunday School teacher of all of our children, and a loving friend and mentor to many others. Proof: the church was packed. (Our church was more full for her service than it is on Christmas Eve!).…

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Uncle Tom’s List

Today I'm feeling a bit down.  Not on the outside of course, but there's just a damper on my heart that's bringing me down.  It's just that there was an accident this weekend, which killed a friend of my stepdaughters.  She was in high school.  While we weren't close to her family, as a mom, you just can't help but to feel sad.  For her family.  For the situation.  For the loss of potential.  For the loss of a vibrant life.  And I sit here wishing I could help but not knowing how.  There just aren't words. This all just…

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You Never Really Know Which Day Will Be Your Last

As I was working for my dad yesterday morning, he broke the news to me that Pope XVI will be resigning at the end of the month. I was shocked to hear this, not surprised to discover later that there has not been a pope to resign in nearly 600 years. Now to understand these next statements, you have to understand that my dad is very interested in the rapture, Armageddon, the end times, whatever you want to call it. He is constantly listening to preachers who speak on Revelations and the end of days. After announcing to me that…

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How to Live Your Life

If there's anything that I learned about my uncle, whether throughout my life or just from the days after his passing, is that he lived a great life.  I'd have to say that, out of the three mortal men I admire the most, my uncle is one of them, preceded only by my grandpa, my father, and my husband. My uncle lived his life to the fullest.  Whenever he had the chance to laugh, he did.  If anyone could shine a light into a dark situation, he could.  He was loud when he wanted to be but quiet when he…

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What of Death?

Today my uncle passed away following a journey with kidney cancer. It was a short journey. A difficult journey. A well-fought journey. Many will miss him. It's hard to understand death, especially in young people. When my grandmother passed away in 2008, it was difficult, yes, but she had fought for a great length of time with Alzheimer's. It would have hurt much more if it had been sudden. My uncle still had years to live. He has young grandchildren. He was active in his church, a pillar of the community, an asset to his workplace. It's hard to wrap…

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