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Best Free Android Apps for Parents (Also According to Us!)

Okay, so last week I gave you the list of our recommended free apps for kids (on android devices). This week, I’m presenting you with our list of our recommended android apps for parents. We are only looking at apps that are currently free on the Google Store. This tends to be the best place to download android apps, but there are other websites like that also can be a great place to find apps and read different views about how useful they are. There are, of course, many apps which cost money that are fantastic, but we are focusing on the free ones. If you want to get the paid for apps for free, then you could access them via cokernutx. Otherwise, stick to the apps we are about to suggest. Whether you use them or not may depend on how old your child is and what stage she’s in, but nevertheless…check it out anyway. Hopefully you’ll find something useful.

Best Free Android Apps for Parents: Cozi | Making the Most Blog

We absolutely LOVE this app! We’ve had it for over a year now and use it all the time–from scheduling, to “to-do” lists, to grocery lists. We each have a wish list on it, so I don’t have to remember what everybody wants when it’s time to buy gifts; we can color code each person, and have text or email reminders sent to each person at a specified time before an event. Add extra alarms or additional features for a nominal cost.

Best Free Android Apps for Parents: American Red Cross First Aid | Making the Most Blog

First Aid
Self-explanatory. Have a boo-boo that you don’t know how to fix? Check out the American Red Cross First Aid app.

Life 360
For anybody in your family who has a phone (especially those teenagers!), add the app to all phones and Best Free Android Apps for Parents: Life360| Making the Most Blogcreate a username and password. Wherever the phone is, you will be able to track it. I’ve used this when my husband leaves work late (and I’m panicking), but I’ve also used it to find my phone when I left it at church. You can also check in, request a check-in or call for help using the buttons on this app. I’ve never had to call for help using this app, but I’ve checked in when it’s late at night or can’t talk.

Best Free Android Apps for Parents: Focus on the Family | Making the Most Blog

Focus on the Family
Sign up and login with Focus on the Family to view articles and advice from this Christian resource. For those of you who love Focus on the Family and/or whose children already receive Clubhouse, Clubhouse Jr., or watch JellyTelly, you’ll enjoy this app as well.

Best Free Android Apps for Parents: Working Mother| Making the Most Blog

Working Mother
The Working Mother app is another one of my favorites, because it allows you to be interactive with your Working Mother magazine. If you receive this magazine but don’t use this feature, download it, because you can find some additional information when you scan the icon in your magazine.

Best Free Android Apps for Parents: Pampers Gifts to Grow| Making the Most Blog

I know I’m not the only mom who loves Pampers–or Pampers Gifts to Grow points! For a simple way to record your points (rather than logging into your account), download this app, type in your code, and go! Nice and simple. 🙂

Which free parenting android apps do you love the most?

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