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The Painful Truth About Asking for Help

Today at church we went through what I will call an exercise in casting out sinful behaviors to make room for a better relationship with Christ. I can't really explain it very well, but I'm not here to talk about that; I wanted to talk about what came out of it. As we renounced our sinful behaviors and allowed the Holy Spirit to work within us, I was feeling somewhat stuck...
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Welcoming 2020

Yet another year has passed, and here I am on the first of the year again wondering where the year went and why I haven't written. I was talking to a friend recently, expressing to her that my blog has really just become me wanting to make money off of a blog and really just "marketing" it, rather than sharing more of my thoughts and feelings as I originally intended.
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Wrapping Up the Summer Bucket List

I can't believe summer vacation is almost over. For many of you, summer vacation has already come to an end; your kids have been in school for a week or more already, and you are back into the swing of the school year. Where I'm at, we start just before Labor Day (why we don't start after Labor Day, I don't know). Just three days before my birthday, I'll ship my kids back out to school. While I'll be thrilled to have my kids back in school again so I can work, at the same time I am feeling somewhat…

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Tips & Tricks Tuesday {Linkup!}: Featuring 20 Apps for Children with Learning Disabilities

Thanks for joining me for Tips & Tricks Tuesday Linkup #5!  This week, it was so hard to choose a feature, but I really did love this post by The Transplanted Southerner, which shares a long list of great educational apps for children with learning disabilities; however, this list is not limited to those children.  Any child can enjoy many of these apps.  I encourage you to stop by her blog and check out the list.  Download the apps that you think will work best for your kids. While you're here, please take the time to drop by some of the…

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