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DIY Raised Garden Bed: Part 2

A few weeks ago, we took the plunge to start up our summer garden again. We booked a lawn care specialist from to come and take a look at what could be done to get the grass looking a little happier. Prince Charming built another planter box for us, and we took an entire morning to loosen the ground, spread soil, and plant our seeds. You can see how badly the garden looked before and after in the gallery shown below. It definitely looks so much better!

This year, we planted sweet corn, carrots, watermelon, cucumber, zucchini, sunflowers, geraniums, daisies, basil, parsley, oregano, cosmos, echinacea, and zinnias. Oh, and something else that the kids planted much earlier in the season…which we think may be peppers?

If you’d like to start your own raised garden bed, check out how we did it a few years ago by clicking here. Make sure when you are planting that you are placing your plants where they will get the right amount of sun. We switched our flowers with our vegetables, because of the way the sun hits our house. Also, make sure you know how often to water your plants. You don’t want to drown them, but you don’t want to starve them either.

So as of right now, our plants are looking wonderful. As much as I hated spending so much money on it (probably just under $100)–I hope it will be worth it for all of the fresh vegetables we’ll (hopefully!) have in the end.

Re-doing areas of our garden keep it fresh and thriving, which is very important, we want our gardens to grow and be nourished. We had been thinking about putting in a garden pond to help fish and frogs have a lovely place to be, we also were thinking about putting in some water flowers like a white lily, horsetail rush, etc. these will help the pond life as well. Anything that you want to do to make your garden feel special and make you happy to be in is great.

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