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Goals: Week of February 3, 2013

I’m scrambling to write these down, as I spent so much time working with the kids on Valentines and going through my email that now I’m chomping at the bit to get some other things done.

Anyway, I haven’t posted goals since I closed my last blog, but seeing as I just posted yesterday on goals…I should start sharing them.  So here goes the goals for this week:


  • Complete personal devotions every day
  • Complete devotions with Prince Charming every day


  • Spend 3 hours this week with each child (this is a lot for me, sadly enough)
  • Do something nice for Prince Charming
  • Call Mom
  • Remember to help Rapunzel with homework every day this week (yes, sometimes I forget)
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday (woohoo)
  • Maybe shopping with Christmas gift cards on Saturday with the girls?  (yes, we are behind on this…)
  • Finish Valentines with Tinkerbell and Rapunzel


  • Drink 8 glasses of water each day
  • Exercise 3 times this week
  • Eat healthy 6 days this week


  • Read 1 chapter of Bringing Up Girls
  • Read 1 chapter of The Smart Stepmom
  • Budget
  • Balance Checkbook


  • Blog every day
  • Book 2 more parties for the month of February (any takers?)
  • Homework
  • Complete 1.5 hours of training


  • Laundry
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Floors
  • Filing
  • Ironing

Now before you think I’ve gone off the deep end, some of these chores I will outsource (a.k.a. put the kids to work).  Some really don’t take that long but should be done on a regular basis so I don’t have to spend a large chunk of time on them later (i.e. checkbook, ironing, filing).  And with some of them I can multitask–like drinking water or eating healthy. I mean, I’d eat dinner anyway, right?

So bring it on, first week of February.  I’m ready for you.

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