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Good Things: A Book Review

Good Things: A Book Review | Making the Most Blog

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Kevin Gerald has given us in his latest book Good Things, the proposition that God actually wants and desires to give us good things.  In a culture today where we feel like favor has to be earned from God and that punishment is all that God doles out, the ideas that Gerald brings us are literally life-changing.   Reading this book will change your mentality from believing God only punishes us for our wrongdoings to pouring out His favor upon us regardless of our sin because of His grace.

The premise upon which Gerald has built Good Things says this: “When the things that you’re hearing are negative, you will see the negative things in your life…In the same way, when you hear good things from the pe0ple in your life or a positive program on the radio, your focus turns toward the good in the world.”  This is how we miss God’s favor.  By looking through the lens of negativity, we only find the “punishment” and the negative aspects of the world, where looking through the lens of positivity will lead us to knowing, seeing, and expecting the good things that God desires for us.

I love this book–not just because it excites me that God may have lots of favor to pour out on me, but because really Kevin Gerald is showing us what God’s grace is all  about.  A constant remind in this book is that the legalistic view of the historic church is not necessary to earn God’s favor, because Jesus died for that.  He covered that.  God has favor planned for us not because of anything we do or don’t do but just because He loves us.  This grace things is just so exciting for me, that of course I loved this book.

Kevin Gerald’s experience as pastor helps solidify his claims throughout Good Things, and his writing style reflects that of one who has experience speaking to a large audience.  This book was informative but not boring, and it was well written.  Gerald brings up so many good points throughout the book that I have most of it underlined.

If you have been struggling with your outlook on God for a while and you have been seeking to find His favor, I suggest you take a look at Kevin Gerald’s book Good Things, and you’ll most certainly understand, when you’re finished, what God’s grace is all about and how deeply He loves you.

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