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It’s Still Winter: A Bucket List and Some Other Things…

It's Still Winter: A Bucket List and Some Other Things... | Making the Most BlogIt’s raining today.

And icy.

And gloomy.

I am naturally a pessimist, but I don’t like gloom.  I don’t like dark and dreary and things dragging me down and negativity.  I think that’s because I know that, the more I’m around it, the more it brings me down.  And the longer I’m down the worse I get.  So needless to say, since I can’t control the weather, I’m feeling somewhat gloomy.  Like an Eeyore.

No offense to Eeyore, but I’d rather not be him.  I’d rather be like Pooh.  Or even Olaf-like.  (Can you tell we watch a lot of Disney movies?)

So if I’m Olaf, let me dream of summer.  Bumble bees and dandelions, a drink in my hand, my skin up against the burning sand, probably getting gorgeously tan…(or red) in summer.  Earlier today I was dreaming Independence Day fun and letterboxing and a picnic at the creek.

I’d even take Spring.

But since we’re here, here’s what our family came up with for a winter bucket list:

Drink hot chocolate
Make snow angels
Build a snow man
Have a snowball fight
Build a snow fort
Play in the snow
Do crafts

Guess it needs to be winter a little longer if we’re going to accomplish most of these!

What’s on your winter bucket list?

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