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When Little Girls Cut Hair

So this weekend, Rapunzel had a friend over, and all was going well until I decided to order dinner. I walked away, the kids were supposed to clean up their mess and come downstairs.  5-10 minutes later, Tinkerbell comes downstairs with her hair chopped.  I mean chopped.  I was shocked, surprised, angry.  I didn't know what to say. Apparently Tinkerbell had decided she wanted her hair to look like Rapunzel's friend's.  So she told her to cut it and showed her where the scissors were.  They had to climb on top of the bathroom sink to get to the medicine cabinet…

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Discipline for the Young School-Aged Child

Since Rapunzel's been in kindergarten, she's had a bit of an attitude.  Age 4 was difficult, but 5 was okay until we got to the elementary school.  I feared that to be true before we sent her.  Rapunzel attended a Christian preschool, so her entry into the "real world" brought in a host of influences that I would have rather avoided. Nevertheless, we had to come up with a new discipline plan for this age.  I was not yet involved with Cinderella and Wendy when they were that age, and I never babysat long-term for any children between the ages…

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