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The Hidden Leader

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Have you ever read a book focused on the story of Nehemiah?  Do you even know who Nehemiah is?  Do you know why he’s important?  For the longest time, I knew about Nehemiah, but I didn’t perceive how important his role in the Bible could be.  However, I recently had the opportunity to read through Nehemiah: Becoming a Godly Leader by Gregory Brown, which focuses on this lesser-known character of the Bible.  Honestly, to begin I had no idea what to expect.  I really didn’t know how much I could get out of Nehemiah.  I’m pretty sure I’ve read the book the whole way through before, and I didn’t realize how much more I could get from it.  Little did I know how much I could learn.

Gregory Brown goes above and beyond in this Bible Teacher’s Guide book, looking at the intimate details behind the book of Nehemiah and examining the historical context during which this book of the Bible was written.  Brown looks at Nehemiah as a great leader during the time of rebuilding of Jerusalem.  While we are taught in Sunday School that Nehemiah led the rebuilding effort, we are rarely told that we can truly learn anything substantial from his example.

Brown’s focus in this book is to find out what makes Nehemiah special enough to be included in the Bible and how his leadership influenced the nation of Israel.  Throughout his thorough examination of this important biblical leader, Gregory Brown provides in-depth questions for leaders to examine, discuss, and apply to their own roles in leadership.

Nehemiah: Becoming a Godly Leader is a fantastically written book that truly examines all qualities of a great biblical leader and allows church leaders to examine their own lives so that they can emulate this behavior.  This book should be on every church leadership’s required reading.  Going through the book not just individually but also as a group will allow ordinary leaders to grow into transformative biblical leaders that truly make a difference not just in their local churches but in the lives of their communities as well.

There is so much more to Nehemiah than what meets the eye, and I am certain that all who read this book will come out with so much more understanding of this biblical character and his journey in this short, yet powerful, book of the Bible.  I hope you’ll take the time to read through this book and share it with your church leaders.  It’s so important that we raise up godly leaders in the tumultuous world in which we live.

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