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The Seven-Day Sprint

Oh my goodness…I am just thinking about the next couple of weeks in a panic. Some of you may be sharing the same thought: WHERE DID SUMMER GO???

Crazy mom that I am, I had this summer completely booked. I don’t know what it was about last summer, but I feel like I got so much more done. This summer completely got away from me. I can’t possibly be the only mom who feels this way, as I know some of you had kids who went back to school a few weeks ago! (Our kids start on the 19th.)

I have to admit: some things came up this summer that kind of threw a wrench in my plans (happens often!). We had some issues with Cinderella that needed addressed, which has added more to our calendar. We added swimming lessons to the schedule for Rapunzel and Princess Anna. An impromptu trip to the beach with my parents also came up for the little ones. Mix in some pest control issues (which involved having to get terminix to come to our house to get rid of the pests) and an extra VBS and you have a full summer.

Still, I have to say I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t accomplish certain things. For instance, we have 13 locations left to find for our letter-boxing adventures. The insane mom in me says we will do seven this week. The sheets are due on Sunday, so we will have to give up there.

We are many minutes short of our 800 minute goal. At this point, Princess Anna needs to read 50 minutes a day to reach our goal by the deadline, and Rapunzel needs to read 34 minutes a day to reach the same goal.

If they were to complete all of the worksheets I had for them, they would need to complete 12 worksheets per day. I have the feeling that is not going to happen; however, for incentive, I think I will offering bonus points for each worksheet completed. (Hopefully this will also help keep them out of my hair while I work this week!)

I can’t wait to post about our adventures visiting museums this summer! I had really hoped to go to one more tomorrow, but Cinderella is working, so that won’t happen. We have a membership though, so we’ll probably go several times throughout the rest of the year. We were able to have Yard Game Day, and we have scheduled Spa Day for this Friday.

All of that being said, this post is entitled “The Seven-Day Spring”, because I intend to make the most of the next seven days I have with the kids (technically 8 if you want to include next Monday, the day before school starts). Here is what I’m hoping for:

  • Squeeze in as many review worksheets as we can (I’ll probably give them a break the day before school though)
  • Read 50 minutes each day with Princess Anna and 34 minutes each day with Rapunzel
  • 1 more Private Swimming North York lesson each for both Princess Anna and Rapunzel
  • 7 Locations for Letterboxing (4 on Tuesday, 3 on Saturday)
  • Take Rapunzel to Hershey Park with the tickets she earned last school year (so excited for her first time!)
  • Spa Day!
  • Picnic at the creek on Saturday (catch some minnows and crayfish, find shapes in the clouds, and watch the birds)
  • Corn Roast

Let’s go ahead and throw in counseling, parenting class, chores, preparing children’s church and Sunday school lessons, checking the teacher’s list at the schools (SO EXCITED!), work, and spending time with one of my besties, and you’ve got one crazy to-do list!

How are you spending your last summer days with the kids?

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