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What to Do When We Say, “Yes, but God…”

What to Do When We Say, “Yes, but God..." | Making the Most Blog

This week I haven’t had it within me to say yes to God and His promises.

Where I should have shouted a resounding yes, I’ve defiantly mumbled a yes but.

Do you know that feeling? When you’re overwhelmed, hurt, or can’t catch your breath, hundreds of reasons why this promise doesn’t apply to you race through your mind, and every fiber of your being screams YES, BUT.

What to Do When We Say, “Yes, but God..." | Making the Most Blog

Yes but…You don’t understand.

Yes but…this is different.

Yes but…I’m not good enough.

Yes but…this is just too big.

I find myself yes-butting God on a daily basis don’t you?

Me: I’m a hot mess. My kids are acting up, they don’t want to go to church, and I’m not even sure they believe in God. I’m such terrible parent.

God: In your weakness I am strong.

Me: Yes, but God, you don’t understand…your kid was perfect!


Me: I’m scared. What if my cancer comes back like it did for my friend?

God: I will give you peace.

Me: Yes, but God, this is serious; I could leave our kids motherless.


Me: I can’t believe I did that. I’m so ashamed. I can’t tell anyone.

God: I will never leave you or forsake you.

Me: Yes, but God, if you knew what I did even you would walk away.

Do you ever find yourself yes-butting God and His promises?

Whether it’s the build up of life’s daily grind weighing us down or in the tough, challenging stuff, it’s so easy to yes but to the Man Upstairs. When life’s easy and happy skippy, the yes buts are quiet, but as soon as life gets hard and overwhelming, or we’re frightened or unable to cope, our yes buts flow as fast and furious as a toddler’s tantrum.

Deep inside we know God gave us His promises to help us, and we know He’s not some cheating Casanova cavalierly making and breaking promises, yet when we’re exhausted and worried, we forget.

So when the going gets tough and we find ourselves yes-butting God, what can we to turn our yes buts into yeses?

1. Know His Promises and Lay Hold of them.

When we are as familiar with God’s promises as we are with the latest contestants on The Voice, they find their way into our hearts where they start to take root. Then, as we lay hold of them, our expectations of what He’ll do rises, and the fire of hope burns brighter.

Do you know what God has promised you?

Which promise do you need to lay hold of today?

2. Notice When Life Clashes with God’s Promises.

Unfortunately, pain is as much a part of life as losing socks in the laundry. Our boyfriend dumps us, a loved one dies, we lose our jobs, or we are diagnosed with something scary. When tough stuff happens, it challenges the promises God made us, and that’s when we start to yes but Him.

When we notice we’re yes butting God, we’re often horrified; we must be a terrible person and a dreadful Christian.

Thankfully, that’s nonsense. We ALL do it; you’re not alone.

Life’s hard times will always challenge God’s promises, so let’s not be surprised or beat ourselves up, sweet sisters. The key is to simply notice.

Can you see times in your life when your circumstances and emotions have clashed with God’s promises? Is it happening today?

3. Choose to Believe God, Not Your Circumstances.

Once we notice life’s circumstances and God’s promises clashing like gladiators, we have a choice. Do we let life squeeze His promises out of our hearts or do we lay hold of them, in spite of our situation?

We can allow whatever rubbish life’s thrown our way to deny us the peace, comfort, and hope God promises, or we can choose to believe Him and receive all He has for us.

It’s not always an easy choice, but it is a choice.  When life stinks, yet we choose to believe God, our yes buts become yes please.

What to Do When We Say, “Yes, but God..." | Making the Most Blog

When we say yes to God’s promises, we say yes to His much needed peace, provision, presence, and comfort.

Can I invite you to choose to believe God’s promises for you in spite your fears and/or circumstances?

If you’re so overwhelmed at the moment and it feels impossible to believe God, can you ask Him to give you what you need to turn your yes buts in to yeses?

When I had cancer and my emotions were running wild, I found I needed a constant reminder of His promises. I made little printable promise cards to print off and use as bookmarks and note cards and to put in frames. If you’d like to download them for yourself, you can find them here. They are my gift to you.

Let’s believe God’s promises and turn our yes buts in to YESes.

Niki Hardy | My Story My God | Guest Post for Making the MostNiki Hardy is a Brit in the USA. A self confessed fresh air junkie, dog lover, and tea drinker, she is happiest running trails with her dogs. As a cancer survivor with three teenagers, she loves to find humor and grace in the midst of life and firmly believes that God wants us to thrive and not just survive when life get hard. She writes over on her blog, My Story My God.

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