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2016 Goal Recap

2016 Goal Recap | Making the Most Blog

Last year I set (a lot) of goals for myself.  Thankfully, we have goal tracker apps nowadays that help me keep track of what I’m doing and not doing and that can help me analyze the data.  As I look over the past year, some of the things I hoped to accomplish were a little inconsistent but present nonetheless.  That being said, if I completed the goal 75% of the time or more, I’m going to say that I accomplished it.

Unfortunately, I failed in many areas.  Thank goodness for a new year to start over and try again.

Anyway, here’s how I did.

Family & Relationships:

  • Spend 2 hours per month with each child (FAIL)
  • Do devotions 3x per week with Prince Charming (FAIL)
  • Do devotions 3x per week with Rapunzel and Princess Anna (FAIL)
  • Go on 12 dates with Prince Charming
  • Send 1 personal note every week (FAIL)
  • Invite someone over once a month (FAIL)


  • Lose 25 pounds (FAIL)


  • Publish my book
  • Finish speaking class
  • Increase blog subscriptions to 150 (FAIL)


  • Consistently attend Bible Study 
  • Read 24 books
  • Journal 3 times per week (on average)
  • Do devotions 5 days per week
  • Finish a cross stitch (FAIL)

How about you?  Did you accomplish your goals in 2016?  Why or why not?  I’d love for you to share in the comments.

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