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2017 Goals

2017 Goals | Making the Most Blog

Every year since I was a young girl, I have made new year’s resolutions. In more recent years, I have been calling them goals and treating them as such (because it feels more attainable). This year is no different.

The difficulty with goal setting is that there are always areas for improvement. And while I would love to improve every single area of my life right now, it’s not exactly feasible if I write down every single small goal. It would be overwhelming, and then I’d just end up quitting.

So this year my “goal” for goal setting was to limit my ultimate goals and then break them down to make them a little more manageable. I came up with 10.

While I really wanted a smaller list, I couldn’t seem to bring myself to make it any smaller than 10. But 10 is a nice round number, so I decided to stick with. Within each goal, I have broken things down into smaller, quantifiable goals that will help me to accomplish the ultimate goal (hopefully). Breaking things down even more, my intention is to create monthly and weekly goals with a focus on these ultimate goals, guiding my steps for 2017.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve come up with:

Goal 1: Be a better mom

  • Spend (at least) 30 minutes each week with each child
  • Do devotions with each child (at least) 5 days each week

Goal 2: Be a better wife

  • Go on (at least) 1 date each month
  • Do devotions (at least) 5 days each week with Prince Charming

Goal 3: Grow spiritually

  • Continue attending Bible study
  • Continue doing devotions (at least) 5 days each week

Goal 4: Attain my goal weight

  • Quit drinking soda (by Easter)
  • Drink more water (by May 31, I want to be drinking an average of 8 cups of water daily)
  • Exercise 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week (on average)

Goal 5: Be happier

  • Journal (at least) 5 days weekly
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Write in it (at least) 3 days weekly.
  • Do something for myself once a month

Goal 6: Improve Finances

  • Save (at least) $50 from each paycheck
  • Create a monthly budget to stick to
  • Look at things like savvy reviews to help save money on costly bills like car insurance

Goal 7: Write and submit a book proposal

  • Read Writing a Winning Non-Fiction Book Proposal: An Insider’s Secrets to Landing an Agent and a Book Contract by Michael Hyatt by January 31
  • Write the first half of the book proposal by May 15
  • Complete the proposal and submit by June 30

Goal 8: Invest in my mental health

  • Read 24 books (2 books per month)
  • Take a digital marketing certification course (if finances allow) or a free course

Goal 9: Build/Grow Relationships

  • Create quarterly schedules and STICK TO IT.

Goal 10: Double my blog following

    • Visit a website like to learn more about the digital marketing services that they can offer me. I really want to increase the traffic on my blog and I think contacting a marketing company would be great for this! Services like Social captain seem to be popular, so maybe I will look into that.
    • Create quarterly schedules and STICK TO IT. I struggle sticking to schedules so this goal will be difficult for me to complete!
    • I would also love to do a marketing course too. Someone told me that Jason McKim & James Bonadies created LMV so it might be worthwhile me doing their course. I just want to improve my blog as much as possible really!

    I think that all of these goals are achievable. What are your goals or resolutions this year? What are the steps you will take to accomplish them? I’d love if you would share them in the comments below.

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