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Giddy Up

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Have you ever read a book whose title made you chuckle?  Whose title made you imagine funny things?  A book whose very cover is light-hearted and almost breezy and easy on the eyes?  You can see from the image on the right that Giddy Up, Eunice has one of those titles and one of those covers.  You just have to read it, because you need to know more about the title and that cover is just so appealing.  I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but, well, I do.  Shame on me.

I’m glad I decided to read Giddy Up, Eunice by Sophie Hudson recently.  It was a book that I flew through, which means it wasn’t frustrating to read, it wasn’t boring, and it wasn’t difficult.  Far from that.

Instead, the book reviewed many things I already agreed with.  To introduce you, Giddy Up, Eunice is a book that aims to prove that women need each other.  In a day and age where woman are busy tearing each other down, Hudson asserts that we need to lift each other up instead.  She describes not just the value an older woman can provide to a younger but also the value that a younger woman can provide to an older.  The value of a mentor.  A friend.  A family member.  Other women who will lift you up instead of tearing you down.

Hudson uses not just biblical stories as examples but also real life experiences to help connect what we read in the Bible to today’s culture.

Not only is Hudson relateable, but she is also a hoot!  Many times, I caught myself literally laughing out loud (it made my husband very curious–ha!).  I love reading a book that can make me learn as well as laugh.

To compare Hudson to another author, I’d have to say she is a good combination of Jen Hatmaker and Annie F. Downs, both authors that I enjoy reading and who also make me laugh.

Giddy Up Eunice is definitely a recommended read on my list.  I’m very picky about my books, but this one is closer to the top of my list than many of the books I’ve read lately.  Sophie Hudson is witty, charming, smart, and practical, and you’d do well to hear what she has to say regarding a subject that we often avoid.  Women do need each other.  And if you don’t believe me, at least believe Sophie Hudson.

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