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More for Girls Only Devotions: A Book Review

More for Girls Only Devotions: A Book Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of each sale when you make a purchase using these links; however, I fully support and recommend each of these products.  You can view my full disclosure policy here.

For those of you who have tween girls, I want to tell you that I know what it’s like to struggle with finding devotionals that will keep your daughter’s attention.  She’s at the age where everything’s too “babyish” for her or too advanced.  So where’s the happy medium?  I happened to run across a fantastic option recently, and I’m so happy to recommend this to you.  I love being able to give positive reviews for the books I read, and here’s one that’s definitely a winner.

I recently begin reading More for Girls Only! Devotions by Carolyn Larson, and while we haven’t finished it yet, I can happily say that I love this devotional.  My tween isn’t much of a reader and is very active, so it’s hard to keep her attention for any devotional, but these devotionals are relatively short, so it’s not very time-consuming and doesn’t take so much time that your tween is going to be bored out of her mind.

Each devotion in More for Girls Only! Devotions begins with a short story that your tween girl can relate to.  Each devotion also focuses around a Bible verse, includes a short quiz, life application, and additional memory verses and quotes that help support the original idea.  Of course, illustrations are important and the illustrations in this book are fantastic!

Although I like reading through these devotions with my daughter, I also love that she can do these devotions on her own if she chooses.  If you have a tween girl in your household, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this devotional, More for Girls Only! Devotions by Carolyn Larson, for her birthday or for Christmas.

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