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5 Tips for Getting Organized for the School Year

If your kids have been in school now for a year or more, you know that the school year can, at times, feel like a whirlwind of insanity. There are concerts to attend, meetings to attend, after school activities, games, java homework assignments to work on, PTO events, and more. Life can get pretty chaotic, and you may end up feeling exhausted after that long list of to-dos has been completed (or, let's face it--only half finished). I know how crazy the school year can get. That's why we do our best to stay organized throughout the school year in…

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Young Lives Matter: 5 Ways to Make a Difference in the Lives of Young People

Being looked down on. It's something that many young people struggle with at work, in the world, and especially in the church. Even though I'm almost thirty, I still fight this negative attitude when dealing with family and even in my church (which I love, by the way). Being looked down on because of your age can often be frustrating. Sometimes older people think that young people are immature, inexperienced, and that they don't know what they're talking about. We talk about how black lives matter and how blue lives matter, but how often do we recognize stereotypes--even discrimination--toward young…

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Wrapping Up the Summer Bucket List

I can't believe summer vacation is almost over. For many of you, summer vacation has already come to an end; your kids have been in school for a week or more already, and you are back into the swing of the school year. Where I'm at, we start just before Labor Day (why we don't start after Labor Day, I don't know). Just three days before my birthday, I'll ship my kids back out to school. While I'll be thrilled to have my kids back in school again so I can work, at the same time I am feeling somewhat…

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