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Wrapping Up the Summer Bucket List

Wrapping Up the Summer Bucket List | Making the Most Blog

I can’t believe summer vacation is almost over. For many of you, summer vacation has already come to an end; your kids have been in school for a week or more already, and you are back into the swing of the school year. Where I’m at, we start just before Labor Day (why we don’t start after Labor Day, I don’t know). Just three days before my birthday, I’ll ship my kids back out to school.

While I’ll be thrilled to have my kids back in school again so I can work, at the same time I am feeling somewhat disappointed that there are so many things we didn’t get to do over the summer. When you hear all the stories of what people got up to during their holiday, it kind of makes you regret that you didn’t spend much time doing all the things that you wanted. Some people I know went on holidays, redecorated their home, looked into houses for sale near bluffton (as they are thinking of moving house) and even got married. One of my closest friends even took her kids on a trip over to Los Angeles. She was telling me about all of the fun things she got up to, it did sound amazing! She said that she visited all of the usual tourist attractions and even contacted a yacht rental los angeles company to hire a yacht for the day. From what she’s said, she really enjoyed her trip and the kids loved it! Although we’ve not done anything like that, there are still some things I want to do before the summer ends. I had the kids do lots of workbook pages, but at the same time we didn’t do as many learning activities as I’d hoped. I made the kids read some, but at the same time, I didn’t have them read as much as I would have liked. The little ones did lots of chores, but at the same time they didn’t learn any new ones. And we did some devotions but not nearly as many as I’d hoped. And still, we exercised some but not nearly as much as I would have liked.

While I have many regrets about how this summer turned out (thanks to a particular side hustle that affected my ability to do much of anything), I’m trying to remind myself that there is still a couple of weeks of summer left. I’d still like to spend some of that time on my side hustle, as it gives me a real sense of achievement when I’m still earning during downtime. However, I have learned that a side hustle needs to give you a passive income if it is going to easily slot in beside your other commitments, as it should. This means I might need to change my side hustle plans. Something like setting up an online shop on a site like LeoList might be the answer, where I can make a profit from selling all our old belongings that we’d usually just throw out. After the initial set up, there wouldn’t be much to do at all. I know a lot of people invest in shares and stocks as a side hustle and I’ve heard it can be very lucrative. A friend of mine actually does this himself and, although it takes a lot of monitoring, he says it’s well worth it. He suggests that you buy shares of a large company (e.g. Facebook; buy facebook shares uk here) to get you started. I’m not sure that’s for me, but I definitely see the appeal. I have also considered trying to use online casinos to make money. You hear of people using the offers involving free money to make real cash all the time, so it must be effective. There is even a new deposit method used by many casinos now, which makes things easier. This should encourage more people to use these online casinos. To learn more about some online casinos that could be used, those interested could visit to make sure they’re accessing a safe casino website. Of course, that side hustle might not be for everyone, but those who love gambling may decide to try it out. Despite all of this, I don’t want my last few weeks to be completely consumed by a side hustle, but thankfully there is still time to squeeze in a few more things on the bucket list too!

Here are a few things the kids would like to do before the summer’s end:

  • Clean and paint a side room in the basement for Rapunzel’s own space
  • Watch as much of the Olympics as possible
  • Invite a friend over
  • Go to a friend’s house
  • Take the dog for a walk to the park
  • Visit the pet store
  • Go to the street fair
  • Go to the church corn roast
  • Go to the softball end-of-the-year party

I was shocked how short their list is, yet relieved. There isn’t enough time to fit in whole lot, so this list is definitely manageable.

What about you? Are your kids back in school already? If not, what’s left on your summer bucket list? Please share in the comments below!

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