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How to Love Your Kids (When They’re Driving You Crazy)

  When my oldest daughter was born, I didn't quite know how to parent. Go figure. I stumbled through the basics, and I think I got them fairly right. But then that little girl grew and started being able to do things on her own, and when that happens, well, you know, things happen. Messes happen. Accidents happen. We get to potty training and teaching our kids how to be helpful by carrying things. But then we forget that they are still little and that they still make mistakes. Heck. We forget that we make mistakes. And suddenly that little…

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Start Over

Man, I messed up yesterday. I started out by trying to get these kids out the door to church.  One did what I told her to, and the other--well, the other one just did whatever the heck she wanted, wandering around the house with a chain necklace dragging on the floor (to entice the cat) under the pretense that she was "looking for her coat." And then I just lost it. Yes, over a lost coat and a chain necklace.  For goodness' sake. You'd think I would have waited for something a bit more important to freak out over, but…

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The Truth About Vaccinations

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Trinity Law. This means that I received compensation for this blog post; however, all opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links. For more information, please read my full disclosure here. Flu season is rapidly approaching. Since the flu vaccine is currently available in many places, now is a good time to revisit talk about vaccines. As well as vaccines, you can also take other preventative measures, like keeping your hands clean by washing them or using the Hand Sanitizer Canada has to offer to kill germs. Killing the germs…

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Why I Admire Homeschool Moms

Last week I talked a little bit about the disagreement between moms about which is better: working or staying at home. Likewise, there is also disagreement about whether to homeschool children or send them to either public or private school for their education. It can be a really tough decision choosing between the public and private schools in houston, let alone bringing homeschooling into the mix! There is just so much to think about. Choosing the type of school is just the beginning, as then as a parent you need to pay close attention to the secondary school league tables,…

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Why I Admire Working Moms

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel I've been a mom long enough to say that there is a small rift between mothers. The working kind. The kind that says, "You're a stay at home mom, so you don't do anything all day," or the kind that says, "You willingly leave your children all day to go to work." I know this rift isn't there for all women, but I know that it's there in some places. That's why I'm here to say today that, as a stay-at-home mom, I admire you. The working moms. Here's why: Sometimes you…

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