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Planning Summer: Getting Outside

Another item of great importance to me and my parenting style is exercise. I have always struggled with my weight, and there are several weight-related diseases that run in my family. It is my goal to encourage active behavior early in life so that my kids live a healthy lifestyle as adults. Because of that, I like to make sure I get the kids outside to play, one way I'm trying to get them interested in various sports is letting them personalize custom kids jersey for sportswear themselves, in hopes that they become motivated by their new clothes to enjoy…

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Planning for Summer: Being Creative

One of the most important things to me when parenting my children is encouraging their creativity and the creative process.  Since the start of my parenting journey, I've been all for creative play: less about the toys that do things for you and more about the dolls and legos, crayons, paper, etc.  Apparently I did a good job of this too, because my kids have this knack for making just about anything using paper and an ENTIRE roll of tape. So that being said, of course I am all for encouraging creativity throughout the summer.  Here are some of the…

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Planning for Summer: Play Dates

Less than a week ago, after picking up Princess Anna from preschool, she announced from the backseat that this summer, after camp and after her birthday could she have a sleepover at her friends house? And could she play at her friend's house? Because she would have fun. Now a planned out family summer is fun and all, but sometimes kids just need time to blow off steam with their friends. Her preschool friend doesn't live quite as close to us as some of her other friends, but even last summer we made sure they had plenty of time just…

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Thinking About Summer: Visiting Museums

A few weeks ago, when we were still seemingly in the midst of Winter, I suddenly had the urge to plan out our summer. So that's what I did. Yep--at the beginning of March, I planned out the months of June, July, and August. Complete with camp adventures. We knew a while ago that we were doing camp. Princess Anna is going to Mom & Me Camp for the first time (and she is already packed!), and Rapunzel is going to "Big Girl Camp" for the first time! We are all so excited. But of course these camps are short…

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Word Searches for Preschoolers and Young Elementary – FREE PRINTABLES!

Last week, we planned to stay at home all week and do some different home activities.  One activity I had on our bucket list for the summer was to do a word search or crossword puzzle.  I was somewhat limited, as the kids I was planning for are 3 and 6.  There's only so much they can do with a word search and a crossword puzzle. So after a bit of searching through some blogs, my favorite websites, and (of course!) Pinterest, I ended up with these: I found this Curious George Word Search on  Every so often I…

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