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The Chase

The Chase | Making the Most BlogDisclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of each sale when you make a purchase using these links; however, I fully support and recommend each of these products.  You can view my full disclosure policy here.

I begin this post by assuming that you have hopes and dreams.  My guess is that you’d love to pursue your passions, hopes, and dreams.  If you’re not doing this already, I’d like to ask why?  If you’re not praying circles around these things, why?  What is holding you back from chasing the thing that inspires you?  If you’re struggling with these questions, or even if you’re working on these things but need a boost, you may need to read Chase the Lion.

Chase the Lion is yet another inspiring piece of art written by Mark Batterson, author of New York Times Bestseller The Circle Maker.  Batterson has such a knack for writing books that inspire with a realistic touch so that your dreams always feel within reach.  I feel that this is Batterson’s goal in each of his books: to show readers that the life you dream of is not just possible but also within reach.

Batterson takes the lives of several of King David’s mighty men and examines their backgrounds.  Many of these characters don’t play a part in memorable Bible stories, but their history and their accomplishments are impressive enough that they are worth noting.  King David didn’t just pick a few rag-tag fighters from town; instead he chose proven warriors who were not just tough but who had proven themselves to be loyal to King David (who at the time was not yet king) as well as loyal to God.

Benaiah is the mighty man of focus woven throughout Chase the Lion not just because he is mentioned more than once in King David’s story but because this was the man who is said to have chased and killed a lion into a pit on a snowy day.  Maybe it is crazy to chase a lion into a pit on a snowy day, but that’s what’s so important about this young man.  He was crazy enough to chase something bigger and stronger than he was, and when all odds were against him, he won.  The same is true for us.  While our hopes and dreams may seem bigger and stronger than we are–while we may look crazy just for chasing them, the truth is that if you never chase your dreams they will never come to fruition.

Of course the focus in all of Batterson’s books is not just in achieving your earthly dreams just because you want it but also because these things seek glory for the kingdom of God.  Batterson recognizes that God often answers prayers differently from how we imagined they would be, but he also points out that when God says “no” to one prayer, he is often saying “yes” to something bigger and better than we ever would have imagined.

I am passionate about following my dreams.  I am passionate about following wherever God calls me (though sometimes I have trouble figuring out what it is I’m supposed to do).  Chase the Lion fuels the fire within you to inspire you to chase whatever God has called you to do–to chase your passion to live a rewarding, Christ-centered life.  If you read nothing else this year, read Chase the Lion.  It will inspire you to go above and beyond to live the crazy life God has planned for you.  It’s incredibly rewarding, so begin the chase.

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