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Courageous is LIVE!

I have to admit I am SUPER distracted today. I am excited and in pain from my back and sick with a cold all at the same time. Here is the exciting (and most important!) thing though: I was on a break at a retreat on Saturday when I discovered that my new book Courageous is live on Amazon, and I've been trying to promote like crazy across all channels ever since.  Then this morning I discovered that the book is live on the Barnes & Noble website (on sale, no less!), so whenever Amazon runs out I am checking the…

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Judge Less, Encourage More: Opening Up About the Struggle Within

The frightening truth about financial difficulty and outside employement As I write this, I am sitting in my car at softball practice after having written three book reviews to post on three consecutive Fridays. I am feeling all sorts of things right now as we face financial hurdles ahead of us. It's been a tough several months since the beginning of the year. Sometimes I want to panic the more I see our bank account dwindle. It might be time to take a Loan out, which I don't mind doing at times like this because I know it's all part…

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Courageous Launch Team Open for Applications!

Hey everyone!  I am so excited today, because my book release is getting closer and closer!  We are now making preparations for the arrival of the book and are exploring different ways to get everyone involved who is looking forward to this just as much as I am.  SO.  That being said, I wanted to offer an invitation to everyone to join the launch team for my book. First, let me answer some questions you may have. Who am I? I am, first and foremost, an imperfect child of God who daily strives to understand God’s grace and who seeks to…

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Thriving Marriage: 15 Things to Remember When Marriage Gets Tough

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of each sale when you make a purchase using these links; however, I fully support and recommend each of these products. You can view my full disclosure policy here. Marriage is tough. If you disagree, I'd like to know your secret, because everything I've experienced and seen and read says it's hard. They just don't tell us that before we get married. Or if they do, we're all so blinded by love that we think it could never be difficult for us, because we're different. We're special. After…

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A Little Bit of Happy Mail

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I received free product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  You can view my full disclosure policy here. A little bit of happy mail goes a long way. At least in my book. Nothing beats having a handwritten card or a box in the mailbox.  (Even better is a box that doesn't fit in the mailbox, but I'll take what I can get!)  That's why I'm all about subscription boxes.  We don't usually subscribe to any, because we are trying to limit our expenditures.  But when we are able…

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