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24 Books to Read in 2019

It looks like I'm a running a little bit behind this year, but, well, better late than never, they say. I'm determined to blog whenever I have the chance this year, so while it may be sporadic, I'll be happy just to post whatever I can whenever I can. And I hope you enjoy it every time. So without further ado...the post and the list.
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Anticipating Rest

Rest is yet another subject that has been coming to my attention for the last few months. I needed it for sure when I lost my job in August. God provided. I got a new job, and I imagined it would be busy. But God provided rest. At times while working, He has blessed me with rest with classes that weren’t so intensive. But right now, though I am not stressed at work, I am stressed with my current classes. So much reading, so many detailed assignments. But as of today, I have two more assignments to complete—and four days…

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On the Other Side of Pain

As we approach Christmas, awaiting the gifts from Santa underneath the tree, but most importantly, awaiting the celebration of the birth of Christ, I am seeing more and more each day the word "anticipation." I reflected on anticipation during an advent experience about two weeks ago. I've heard it in church. I've seen it in magazines. I feel as though this is something ordinary that has been discussed every year. Somehow, I feel as though I missed it in years past. This year, that word-it is standing out to me as I await new things. Yet sometimes what we anticipate…

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24 Books to Read in 2017

In keeping with tradition, I had to share my reading plans again this year.  I reached my goal last year, but since I'm looking for a full-time job, I've kept my goal the same.  I hope to read at least 24 books this year.  Here's what's on my list (some not yet released): Living Forward by Michael Hyatt Nothing to Prove: Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard by Jennie Allen Beloved Mess: God's Perfect Love for Your Imperfect Life by Kimm Crandall Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose When Life Hurts by Sara Frankl Perfecting 7: A Practical Guide to…

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48 Books I Read in 2016 (And the 3 That Changed My Life!)

At the beginning of 2016/end of 2015, I announced that my goal for 2016 was to read 24 books--two books a month.  While I didn't blow my goal out of the water with 66 like last year, I still was able to get a lot of reading done and ended up doubling by goal by reading 48 books. As a recap, here are the books I completed in 2016: Animal Farm by George Orwell The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Where Is God When It Hurts? by Philip Yancey Make It Happen: Surrender Your Fear.  Take the Leap.  Live on Purpose.…

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