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Expect Unexpectedly

You know how, in my last post, I talked about using your God-given gifts even though they might not be perfect? Well, guess what I just avoided for the last few days? *Insert facepalm here.* I spent far too much time over the last few days wanting to rest yet simultaneously being overwhelmed by all the "relaxing" activities I could do. There are so many enjoyable things I have wanted to do that I have been putting off that I had a hard time choosing one. So rather than just picking one (or taking a little bit of time on…

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Thoughts About “Gifts”

I had shoulder surgery yesterday. On my dominant arm. So I am currently chicken-pecking my way around the keyboard trying to decide if it's worth the trouble for me to write this post. I've waffling back and forth on writing a post for probably the last few days. Well, no...I think about it a lot but then come up with something else that needs to be done. It just takes too much time to write a post, find an acceptable graphic, edit it, and then post on all of my social media channels. What I think I'm saying is that…

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The Unresolution

Every year since the “ripe old age” of ELEVEN, I’ve made New Year’s Resolutions. (That’s 25 years, folks!) My very first resolutions? Be nice to my siblings. Try to be good no matter what. Always keep a smile. Study hard. Try to get good grades. Try to be nice to everyone. Be confident. Always exercise. Write in diary every night. Always read Bible anytime. I think I failed at most of those.
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Where in the World was Making the Most? The Health Update

I've been debating which post to write next. I took a suggestion to write out five topics that I'd like to write about as kind of a way to proactively come up with topics in the event of future writer's block. Well, five topics turned into ten...which turned into then the dilemma was, "What do I actually write about next?" I think one of the most challenging places in my life right now has to do with the health in our family. As a disclaimer, I'd like to first say that we are very blessed to have the good health that we do. Really keeping tabs on how we're feeling physically has allowed us to get answers and proper treatment along with better eating and exercise habits; however, the accumulation of diagnoses has been a bit difficult.
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