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Reading List Review: August 2016

This month, I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the amount of reading I accomplished, considering I started late.  I probably started really reading again around the middle of the month and really got a lot done.  So without further ado.. Here's what I read during the month of August (click links for the review): Heart Made Whole: Turning Your Unhealed Pain Into Your Greatest Strength by Christa Black Gifford Giddy-Up Eunice: Because Women Need Each Other by Sophie Hudson Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson What I'm Reading Now: Undefiled: Redemption From Sexual Sin, Restoration for Broken Relationships by…

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How to Improve Your Lifestyle One Day at a Time

Happy September! I can't believe we're so far into the year. School has started, and before you know it we'll be into next year wondering where the end of 2016 went. I don't know what it is about September--maybe the fact that a new school year feels like a fresh start--or the fact that the end of the year is quickly approaching and we've so much to catch up on...but it feels like a good month to get back into the swing of things. And not just for me. But for you too. Because September is Self-Improvement Month. Because it's…

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Goal Setting: Week of August 28, 2016

Well, the kids started school this week, and thanks to that I got SO much done this week!  Not that I don't love my kids, because I do; I just get lots more done when they're not arguing or complaining that they're hungry.  ha!  (Or you know, making a mess of what I just cleaned.)  So I'm definitely pleased with how things worked out this week, and I hope next week I get just as much done!  (No pressure or anything.) Here's what I accomplished this week. Spiritual: Devotions (5/7) Designated prayer time (1/7) Mental: Journal (1/7) Work on Becoming a Woman of…

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Goal Setting: Week of August 21, 2016

Whew!  I'm finally finished with one of the side hustles I was running, and now I actually have a little bit of time to sit down and write (though I am still catching up on sleep!).  Now that that's over and school is almost here, I've been getting a bit more done and trying to develop a routine for when school is officially back in session.  That being said, while not all of my goals have been typical, I have accomplished a decent amount of things lately.  Here's what's good: Spiritual: Devotions (5/7) Designated prayer time (1/7) Mental: Journal (1/7)…

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8 Goals for a Successful New School Year

Anyone who knows me intimately knows I am big on goal setting. I set goals for the year, goals for the month, goals for the week, and in a sense I even set goals for each day (a.k.a. my to-do list). I've not been great at working on my goals so far this year. Lots have things have come up, making it difficult to move forward in many areas. The good thing about having kids, though, is that back-to-school time feels like another new start. A new schedule is in place, which gives me more time to accomplish different things…

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