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January 2017 Goals

Well, it's a new year, my friends!  I've set my annual goals, and now I've broken them down into monthly goals.  I hope this year to share with you each month how I'm progressing toward each of my goals.  I hope that you will do this as well, so as we work on this together we will succeed together.  (Here's hoping!) So for the first month of the year, here's what I'm hoping to accomplish: Spiritual: Devotions (at least) 20/31 days Devotions with Princess Anna and Rapunzel (at least) 20/31 days Devotions with Prince Charming (at least) 20/31 days Mental: Journal…

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2017 Goals

Every year since I was a young girl, I have made new year's resolutions. In more recent years, I have been calling them goals and treating them as such (because it feels more attainable). This year is no different. The difficulty with goal setting is that there are always areas for improvement. And while I would love to improve every single area of my life right now, it's not exactly feasible if I write down every single small goal. It would be overwhelming, and then I'd just end up quitting. So this year my "goal" for goal setting was to…

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2016 Goal Recap

Last year I set (a lot) of goals for myself.  Thankfully, we have goal tracker apps nowadays that help me keep track of what I'm doing and not doing and that can help me analyze the data.  As I look over the past year, some of the things I hoped to accomplish were a little inconsistent but present nonetheless.  That being said, if I completed the goal 75% of the time or more, I'm going to say that I accomplished it. Unfortunately, I failed in many areas.  Thank goodness for a new year to start over and try again. Anyway, here's…

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I Stole a Bra

Yes, I stole a bra, but let me explain. After my friend and I had enjoyed a light lunch at our new local eatery, we decided to spend a few minutes meandering the shops before carpool beckoned. The sun was out, the sky was blue, the shops were open. All was calm as we wandered from shop to shop. Then it happened. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! I’ve stolen a bra!” I screamed. Having just left the first boutique without splashing any cash, I pushed open the door of our next fashion emporium. Time slowed as I noticed the rather ugly bra dangling from my wrist.…

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Goal Setting: Week of December 4, 2016

As is typical around the holidays, this week was somewhat busy, although I have to say it wasn't as busy as I had imagined.  Especially since my internet wasn't working one day so I couldn't work online.  Although I did get to go through some papers that needed taken care of. Next week is going to be EXTREMELY busy, because next weekend is our annual Christmas party (hooray!).  So here's to a productive week. Spiritual: Devotions (5/7) Designated prayer time (1/7) Attend Bible study (and remember to take a snack!) Complete Bible study homework Mental: Journal (2/7) Finish reading Sparkly Green…

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